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October 16, 2008

Pet Peeves…

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Ah sweet catharsis via the blog…

Here is some minor stuff that rubs me the wrong way. You’ll probably find the big stuff mentioned throughout my posts, this page is just dedicated to those irritating little things that ever so briefly furrow my brow when I run across them.

  • Misuse of the word “Custom” — It isn’t custom if you can buy it off the shelf. It is custom if some person or persons take the time to make it special for you.
  • Our product makes you a moron commercials — There is a current trend in television commercials where the product (or want for the product) turns the consumer into a babbling idiot. I’m sure someone thinks this is funny, I just think it is stupid. I’ll note a specific one sometime in the future, but mostly I just try to push them out of my mind. Ok, finally remembered to make a mental note of one: 
    • Arby’s — If you are a zoo keeper and you eat Arby’s you will endanger the entire city by letting the animals out of the zoo.
  • Misuse of the word “Turbo” — For example High Definition TV (TurboHD) does not have a supercharger that is driven by a turbine turned by exhaust gases from the engine. (In the interest of full exposure, I do use TurboTax despite the stupid name)

of course, more to come…

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